Research & Developments - The mantra of success

Innovation is the need of the hour as only the fittest survives and fit means passing the test of ever changing market. We at GFPL keep on innovating because it is innovation that gives life to a business in the market economy. We pay sufficient attention to new and innovative ideas as these ideas allow us to meet diverse requirements of our customers, providing us an edge over our competitors.  

With the fast changing trends and times customers require customized solutions. The “Customized” pattern such as “Void”, “Chess box”, “Honey comb”,” Cancelled” & various “customized text” are examples of its growth in this direction. The innovative ideas of our imaginative researchers have helped us offer customized solutions to our customers such as customized patterns in films. These customized patterns play the role of an exclusive security characteristic for a particular firm.  It is just due to such innovations that we could produce a diverse range of ground-breaking products like:

  • Pattern selective release films
  • UV coated and released films
  • Hot stamping foils for paper, plastic, textile, leatherette and pigmented foils