Quality - The undisputed leader of the industry

Quality has been the prime focus for GFPL ever since it inception. So as to maintain quality throughout GFPL makes use of advanced filter press in manufacturing foils so that foils get a more shiny as well as smooth surface. It is the supreme quality that makes our foils demanding in diverse range of markets.

Being a member of IHMA & an associate member of HOMAI proves that the company complies with definite conditions pertaining to appropriate manufacturing facilities and certified preparedness. The company is committed to the IHMA & HOMAI Code that makes it obligatory for the company to ensure high Technical & security standards, best business practice and respect for copyrights.

At GFPL, we pay due attention to quality as we know that quality and consumer satisfaction are complimentary to each other. The company has a team of dedicated and experienced professionals who keep an eye on the quality of raw materials and final products. We keep on enhancing quality standards by imposing stringent quality control measures and innovating.