Tamper evident and non-tamper evident films

The company specializes in Tamper Evident as well as Non-Tamper Evident film for holograms, which promises the highest level of safety against tampering and counterfeiting. The tamper evident films are designed to destroy the hologram in case the film is tampered with. These hologram images are widely used in Government jobs especially in the revenue jobs, ID cards, credit cards, driving license, ration cards and all that. It also offers the most comprehensive line of products available having around 25 bold shades apart from regular Golden ,Silver & Copper colors , Selective release general pattern films as well as “Customized patterns” , UV viewing films with Selective release patterns, Transparent (HRI) films in plain as well Selective release patterns.

GFPL offers these films from 16 micron to 50 micron thickness while the width remains in correlation with the Customers requirements. With increase in the Counterfeiting activities, demand for hologram security has increased & we keep ourselves abraised in developing new products with extra security features so as to offer better & new products to the Hologram Industry in India as well as globally . The various types of films for holograms offered by us include:

  • Silver, golden and copper colored tamper evident film
  • Various other bold colored tamper evident film
  • Patterned selective release film
  • UV viewing Tamper Evident film
  • Patterned selective release UV viewing film
  • Semi transparent Tamper Evident film
  • Multi colored tamper evident film
  • Multi colored with color changing tamper evident (magic) film

High Refractive Index (HRI) Films

GFPL also offers the High Refractive Index (HRI) films that are effective enough to stop duplication and fight back counterfeiting and tampering. The HRI coating, which is semi transparent, improves the reflection capability and iridescence.